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We truly appreciate any contribution you are able to make to our campaign. Please visit indiegogo. Donation amounts as low as $5.00 so you can help us make the movie for less than a latte. Please don’t forget to spread the word. Share links, retweet, blog and show your support for the Choices Film Movement.

Welcome to Freedom University
The Choices Series

A Love and Basketball Story with a Twist

It truly is a “different world” where you come from. Author Skyy’s debut novel is the spellbinding story of four friends navigating lesbian life at Freedom University, an HBCU in Memphis, Tennessee.

Striking basketball champ Denise has no room for distractions. She chose to let love interfere with her goals once, and it won’t happen again. Keeping her eyes on the prize will allow her to be the first in her family to graduate—and maybe, just maybe, she’ll be good enough to go pro. Staying focused is the only reasonable choice to make. Sexy fashionista Lena Jamerson may be the daughter of Freedom’s most prominent alums, but living in a dorm that bears her name, and becoming engaged to superstar baller Brandon Redding, doesn’t get to the heart of this down-to-earth coed. Her power and prestige could garner her any choice, but what do you do when your destiny is already set for you? Lena needs to choose wisely; there’s a lot at stake.

As her name implies, Cooley is the coolest thing to ever walk the quad at Freedom. Women from both sides of the fence want to know just how she got her name, and she is more than happy to oblige them. Her full little black book proves she’s too smooth to get caught up with just one lady, but there’s new girl Misha on the block, and she’s got Cooley’s number. Will Cooley’s past choices keep Misha from using it?

Carmen’s new shape has brought her unexpected confidence, and her sexy new curves have given her some hot new attention…but what’s on the outside doesn’t always match what’s on the inside. Besides, you can’t perform surgery on self-esteem. Can Carmen choose to move forward to future happiness, or will she keep making the choice to look back to her troubled past?

Follow these amazing characters as through college and as they enter the real world. The full series is available nationally and internationally and at all major book retailers. Join the movement as we work hard to bring the Choices series to life.

In the School of Life and Love What Choices Will You Make?